Alimony & Spousal Support Laws - Michigan

There is no legal right to alimony or spousal support as there is in child support in Michigan. Typically, the longer the duration of the marriage, the longer the alimony will be. In a short term marriage there is usually no alimony awarded. All of this is typically negotiated between the parties involved. As a lawyer, I will fight for you either to receive more alimony or pay less spousal support. Stop by my Troy MI law office in Oakland County Michigan for a free consultation!

The issues are complex, but with a good understanding, we can get both parties moving quick and in a manner that will have far less emotional stress. Getting everyone involved and making the best decisions is what I really strive to accomplish. I do believe that I am able to work through a divorce in a shorter amount of time than most lawyers by being thorough and direct with my clients.

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