Child Custody Lawyer in Troy, MI

Most clients, if they have children, are concerned with custody and child support. I am a practicing Child Custody Lawyer in Troy. I can help you decide early in the case on what you may want and what is reasonable. First is legal custody, that means who makes decisions for the child’s schooling, major medical injuries and religion. Custody can be joint or sole. Typically it is joint unless one of the parents is in jail or has physically/mentally abused the children.

Physical custody also can be sole or joint, however, usually it is joint. It may typically mean where are the kids physically. Ultimately in the divorce case, that is not that important. In most counties it is the overnight stays that are most important. Who will the child be staying with. Parties can negotiate any parenting time schedule that is in the best interest of the child and suits them. Determining your own schedule instead of a judge is the best.

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