Child Support Laws in Oakland County, MI

Child support is determined by the amount of overnights each party has with their child and each of their income and their health insurance. This information is put into a computer program and prints out the amount of child support, ordinary medical and some other amounts for a total of monthly child support. When we meet in my Oakland County offices, we can determine what the Court will grant for child support. As a Troy lawyer, I help provide you with an idea of how you case may end. It can be either how much you receive or pay. Depending on your circumstances you may get more child support depending on your child’s needs. If your child has special needs, medical conditions and other issues.

When we meet in my Troy office and you or your spouse is self-employed or owns a business I can help determine how much income is being derived. In some instance, we may need to hire a expert to determine your spouse’s income.

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