Divorce vs. Legal Separation in Oakland County Michigan

Legal separation is common when the couple does not want to divorce, usually for religious reasons. In this type of case, one party can still be on the other’s health insurance plan. Whereas if you divorce, the spouse who does not work for the employer paying the health insurance will have to find his or her own. That spouse will be able to pay for cobra, and have the same health insurance plan thru the other spouses’ company for 18 months. You can still separate property and assets. You can stay in the same home but live in different rooms.

If your spouse has financial problems this may protect you from those creditors. Both parties can sit down and discuss their options. Meeting and discussing your concerns together, we can best decide which option suits your needs.

It might seem a little overbearing at first, but after we look at everything and explain it to you, legal separation vs. divorce will be a much simpler decision to make.

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