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Family Law in Michigan has many different divisions. It generally means the divorce itself, but there are many other areas including divorce with or without children and dealing with custody or child support issues. Alimony or spousal support is when one party will receive income for the other, usually the husband paying the wife a monthly amount for a certain period of time and dividing real and personal property. Real property includes homes and land, and personal property includes cars, household items, bank accounts, IRS, 401K/Pensions. When you meet with me in my Troy MI Law office we can discuss these issues in further detail.

Often when you first meet with a Family Lawyer, many questions you may not have thought of might be discussed. Looking at every detail in advance is the best way to go about solving issues. Family Law in Troy and Oakland County, MI is what I primarily do in the legal arena. Knowing what to expect and how to navigate through Michigan Courts is what I believe makes for a great lawyer.

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